Adrian J Portia

Handpan Music

adrian plays all different sorts of handpans and sound sculptures but his main instrument is the echo sound sculpture asachan.

The AsaChan is a singing sound vessel made from steel. The name AsaChan is derived from the Thai word “อัศจรรย์” which means “miraculous”. With two concave steel sheets bonded together at the edge, the AsaChan is hollow in structure. The hollow resonating chamber has an opening on the underside which allows for air flow during play and gives the AsaChan it deep voice and strong volume. On the topside of the instrument a central dome is surrounded by a flat circle which is in turn surrounded by a number of smaller indents laid out in a ring. The central note provides the bass note and the circle of surrounding notes are tuned in an ascending scale. Each note is tuned with harmonic overtones which provides richness to the sound of the instrument and leads to a pleasant singing effect when played. The AsaChan is an instrument for peaceful playing as well as serious musicianship. 

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